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“Help Your Dog Fight Cancer” Author Laurie Kaplan on Tripawd Talk Radio

November 21st, 2016 · 1 Comment · Pet Cancer

Fighting cancer has come a long way since Laurie Kaplan wrote the first edition of “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.” Veterinary oncology become a viable option to treat pet cancer and now pet parents who want to do it have many support systems like the Tripawds Nation to help them get through it.


Laurie Kaplan has been at the forefront of supporting pets and their humans during their cancer fights, and we are pleased to welcome her to Tripawd Talk Radio.

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer with Laurie Kaplan

Laurie Kaplan with Bullet, the dog who started it all.

Laurie Kaplan with Bullet, the dog who started it all.

Laurie Kaplan is author of “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer” and “So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose,” two indispensable books for any pet parents looking for hope and help during a pet cancer battle. As a veterinary medical writer by trade, Laurie knows how to present clinical information in a way that laypeople can understand.

In addition to her books, she is also founder of “The Magic Bullet Fund,” a 501c3  non-profit dedicated to providing financial assistance for people who have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment fees.

Whether you’ve been through a pet cancer battle or currently in the middle of one, you’ll find our interview with Laurie fascinating. In this 30 minute podcast Laurie discusses:

  • The early days of veterinary oncology. What it was like to help her dog Bullet fight a lymphoma battle when pet cancer treatments were relatively unheard of. She discusses how she chose his treatments and other home care methods she used to help him fight cancer.
  • Today’s veterinary oncology choices. How pet parents can choose which ones to pursue for their own pet.
  • Palliative care basics. How does an owner know when it’s time to stop treatment and provide palliative care?
  • Why Help Your Dog Fight Cancer is the number one resource pet parents should have on their bookshelf.
  • How Laurie’s workbook “So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose,” can help grieving pet parents cope with the loss of their animal, through journaling and reminiscing.
  • Why The Magic Bullet Fund was formed. How it helps pet parents afford treatment, criteria for applying to the fund, and how Laurie and her group of dedicated volunteers and donors keep it running to help over 500 dogs to date.

All that and more in this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio!

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