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How to Help Your Three Legged Cat

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NEW! Updated second edition includes more helpful tips to help your three legged cat. Interactive PDF: Download your Tripawds Feline Amputation Recovery and Care Handbook for fast answers to the most common concerns about cat limb amputation.

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Help your three legged cat with this essential feline amputation recovery and care handbook. Previously Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats, first published by Tripawds in 2018. Now in its Second Edition, we’ve updated this important guide to include additional original content and numerous informative articles, forum topics, videos, podcast interviews, plus many more helpful resources.

Help your three-legged cat be happy with cool tips for Tripawd cats!

Whether your cat has already lost a leg or will be having an amputation soon – due to cancer or for any another reason – How to Help Your Three Legged Cat will help you prepare for your feline friend’s new life on three legs.

What You Will Learn with How to help Your Three Legged Cat:

This information in this vital resource is a compilation of Tripawds member experiences, veterinarian interviews, and community discussions at You will learn the most important things to know about keeping your cat happy on three legs.

Quickly find information about common concerns, including:

  • Why cats lose limbs
  • How cats experience life as an amputee
  • Understanding pain in cats
  • Pre-amputation considerations
  • Post-amputation recovery tips
  • Differences between front and rear leg amputees
  • The benefits of feline rehabilitation therapy and home exercise
  • Nutrition and supplement tips
  • And much more!

This book contains hundreds of direct links to specific articles, forum topics, videos, and podcast interviews for more recovery and care tips to help your three legged cat. You can print the pages, but you’ll find the electronic version much more helpful. That’s because each link provides direct access to more helpful in depth information at as many other feline amputation resources we’ve discovered.

Download now for fast answers to the most common cat amputation recovery questions. This 130-page interactive PDF features direct links to the best blog posts, forum topics, videos, and podcast interviews from 15+ years of the Tripawds Blogs and discussion forums.

Please be sure to save the PDF to your device. When viewing on an iPad or mobile device it will load in your browser by default and there is a limit of 10 downloads! The link expires in 90 days.

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NOTE: Printed books are not available for the premium edition of How to Help Your Three Legged Cat. The true value of Tripawds e-books is the hundreds of direct links they contain to more helpful articles, videos and podcasts available online. A paperback version is available in the condensed Tripawd Basics edition.

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3 reviews for How to Help Your Three Legged Cat

  1. 5 out of 5

    paws120 (verified owner)

    Absolutely pawsome!!! There is so much wonderful solid information in this book, it is amazing. It’s like my whole Tripawds experience wrapped in a neat package where you can gather information under one roof right away.
    Nothing will ever compare to the real life people that helped Huckleberry and my family in our time of need. I made friendships that i believe will be life long. For any person just entering into this journey, those is an amazing amount of helpful insight that i believe will truly help prepare for success in helping their furbabies.
    The checklists are just genius. And the stories are inspirational. I know this took a huge amount of time, love, and effort to create. It doesn’t get any better than this, great job!!💕💖💕

  2. 5 out of 5

    Super Stu! (verified owner)

    Brilliant!!! Absolutely Brilliant! I have read through every page and will be going back to check out everypawdy’s links as well, i love that there are so many of our friends in the book!!!!
    Jim, Rene, Miss Holly and Whispering Purrrkins you have done a brilliant job on putting together a very comprehensive and fun book to read! I am able to relate some things to my old Spikey in regards to where his pain levels are at and i have further insight into all things Catssss! The whole book is super easy to navigate through and all of the informative links are just brilliant! I loved the back pages, for forms that can be printed and taken to your vets. We all know how intimidateing and frightening this whole process can be and we forget what we wanted to ask or point out. These forms make it super easy!!! Well done all of you!!!
    It is brilliant that you have included pictures and links to all of our SuperStar Catssss! It is obvious that many hours have gone into this project and kudos to you all for pulling it together so well!!! clap
    it is a brilliant reference and i will be sure to send people to it for a much needed resource for all things for Tripawd Catsss!
    And thanks a gazillion times over to!!! We all couldn’t do it without you!!!
    Petra, Super Stu and his Feline Pride

  3. 5 out of 5

    taro (verified owner)

    This must be the best book i bought in the past few years! Definitely amazing! You will need to read it more than once! I bought it on the surgery day and it gave me so much relief, confidience and hope when picking up my kitten at the hospital. By reading this book you will know what potential problems to expect and how to solve them. More importantly you can now strongly believe you kitty will be happy or even happier afterwards.

    Thank you Tripawds! Thank you three thousand times!

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Help Your Three Legged Cat
How to Help Your Three Legged Cat
Original price was: $19.95.Current price is: $16.95.
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