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Why You Should Care About Comparative Oncology Research

November 23rd, 2015 · No Comments · Pet Cancer

If you’re new to pet cancer, the phrase “comparative oncology” might be new to you. It was to us when our Jerry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. But it didn’t take long for us to hear this phrase over and over again from friends like the Puppy Up Foundation. Pretty soon we learned the definition of comparative oncology and why it’s so important for all of us to rally behind funding for this important cancer research.

How Comparative Oncology Clinical Trials Work

Clinical Studies in Pets and Humans


Why You Should Care About Comparative Oncology

According to the Puccini Foundation, comparative oncology:

 . . . studies cancers that occur naturally in animals (not just dogs, but also cats, horses and other domesticated animals); it uses its findings to develop treatments and cures that can benefit people, as well as animals.

The Puccini Foundation goes on to explain . . .

Comparative oncology can help uncover new, improved treatments for human cancer even faster than human studies alone:

  • Animals’ shorter life spans allow researchers to determine efficacies of treatments faster. This means the discovery of new cures could happen sooner than ever.
  • Because many cancers in domestic animals closely resemble human cancer, scientists gain important insight that rodent-based cancer studies cannot provide.
  • The incidence of many types of cancer is the same or greater in dogs and cats as in humans providing a significant potential population for research.
  • Animals’ size and structural similarity allows for refinement of surgical and other techniques that may also be effective in humans.
  • Similar diagnostic tools can be used on animals as on humans. 

Why Clinical Studies Help Advance Comparative Oncology

As we mentioned in this recent Tripawds News Blog post, “Can Your Tripawd Cure Cancer?“, the most promising cancer research is happening in comparative oncology clinical trials for pets and people. That’s where the Flint Animal Cancer Center’s One Cure initiative steps in.

Known as “One Cure,” this initiative brings together human and veterinary oncology professionals to mutually study how treatment of pets with cancer can improve therapies for human patients – and lead to “one cure” for both pets and people alike.

In the following downloadable paper, “The Role of Clinical Studies for Pets with Naturally Occurring Tumors in Translational Cancer Research,” published by the National Academy of Sciences, we learn about the most current findings in comparative oncology by cancer research superstars in veterinary and human medicine.

This National Academy of Sciences paper is based on a meeting of comparative oncology experts that took place in June 2015. It’s written in simple language that even laypeople like us can understand.

We encourage you to read it so that you can educate yourself about comparative oncology and why it’s so important that our cancer research donations are directed at organizations leading the way, the One Cure initiative.

And if you really want to learn more about comparative oncology research for pets and people, these YouTube videos from the meeting that the paper is derived from are available for public viewing.

DOWNLOAD “The Role of Clinical Studies for Pets with
Naturally Occurring Tumors in Translational Cancer Research,”



Is Your Vet Following Current Pain Management Guidelines?

October 26th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Pet Health

Veterinary medicine has changed exponentially in the last decade, especially in the area of pain management for dogs and cats. Unfortunately not enough practicing veterinarians are following the latest pain management guidelines.

tripawd, cat, three-legged, amputee, post-op

TriCat Fredo gets great pain management.

We know this because we still see many new amputee dogs and cats being discharged with nothing more than a NSAID for pain. That’s like having your leg cut off and only being able to take Ibuprophen — ouch!

Additionally, not enough veterinarians are referring new Tripawds to rehab therapy. This is tragic, because in the American Animal Hospital Association’s Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, they state:

Combined modality therapy to decrease pain and restore function is now considered an essential approach for musculoskeletal injury and post-surgical recovery. In the treatment of chronic disease, such as DJD or conformational abnormalities, rehabilitation should be considered an important component of an overall long-term treatment strategy.

Animals can’t tell us how they feel so we owe it to them to make sure they’re getting the best pain management possible, no matter what kind of procedure they’re facing or the type of chronic pain they’re living with.

Get the Scoop on Current Pain Management for Dogs and Cats

Please take a minute to brush up on the latest pain management guidelines for dogs and cats, as agreed upon by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Download the following white paper to get the scoop on:

  • Recognizing and assessing pain signals
  • Pharmaceutical drugs and neutraceuticals for controlling animal pain
  • Managing surgical and chronic pain
  • and more!

Download the AAHA / AAFP
2015 Pain Management Guidelines for Cats and Dogs

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Fight Dog Cancer with Dr. Dressler’s Survival Guide Book and Podcasts

October 12th, 2015 · No Comments · E-Books, Pet Cancer

Getting the dog cancer diagnosis from your vet is the toughest day any pet parent can face. Even if you have a great vet who gives you tons of information about the diagnosis, you still leave the office with your head spinning, trying to recall just what exactly your vet said, and wondering “What now?

dog cancer guide

Osteosarcoma in a dog

The Next Steps After a Dog Cancer Diagnosis

First, breathe.

Next, do not let Dr. Google take over. There is so much information out there about cat and dog cancer, it’s hard to know what’s legitimate and what’s snake oil. And that’s the #1 reason why we are huge fans of vet oncologist Dr. Sue Ettinger and Dr. Demian Dressler, authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity.

dog cancer guide

We wish this resource was around when our fearless leader Jerry was fighting osteosarcoma. Here’s why:

Drs Dressler and Ettinger understand that no matter what the prognosis is, there are always things you can do to help your dog fight (and even beat) cancer. Their Dog Cancer Survival Guide is an indispensable tool to learn about your dog’s diagnosis. You’ll discover:

  • Practical, evidence-based ways to give your dog a better quality of life for as long as possible.
  • Conventional western veterinary treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) including how to reduce their side effects.
  • Holistic options, including botanical nutraceuticals, supplements, nutrition, and mind-body medicine that may work for your dog’s diagnosis.
  • How to create a plan tailored to your dog’s type of cancer, your dog’s age, your financial and time budget, your personality, and many other personal factors.

The book is comprehensive, yet not overwhelming. It’s written for the average pet parent who needs answers, confidence and optimism. And now, it’s part of a larger set of tools available to help you make better decisions after a diagnosis, such as:

Get Answers Now with Dog Cancer Seminars

Dr. Dressler’s entire collection of dog cancer seminars are now available as MP3 audio recordings that you can buy, download and listen to on your computer, smart phone or MP3 player.

dog cancer guide

In this collection of seminars Dr. Dressler discusses important topics related to dog cancer and also answers listener’s questions about their dog’s cancer. Previously only available to paid members of Dr. Dressler’s Dog Cancer community, now anyone can purchase these in-depth seminars individually or as part of larger bundles with all Dog Cancer Survival Guide tools:

dog cancer guide

Three Reasons to Try the Dog Cancer Survival Guide Tools

A dog cancer diagnosis comes with a lot of decisions to make. Here’s why we think trying out The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is the smartest place to begin:

  1. You will save money. For instance, instead of rushing out to buy every supplement you think might work, you’ll learn which supplements are most promising, which ones could conflict with treatment and which ones might be a waste of time.
  2. You will know how to talk to your vet. Every seminar and the book is presented in terms we understand, but with the correct pet cancer terminology and evidenced-based information that your vet will appreciate when you discuss your dog’s treatment.
  3. You will have no regrets. By taking a “full spectrum” approach, as Dr. Dressler calls it, you’ll learn all possible approaches to help your dog fight cancer. You don’t have to choose every single one, but at least you’ll have all the practical information needed to make evidence-based choices that can help you feel satisfied in knowing you’re doing all you can to fight dog cancer.

Take a look at the Dog Cancer Survival Store. Everything inside comes with a money-back, 90-day guarantee. We know you won’t need to use it though, because we can vouch for it: this is the very best guide to helping you give dog cancer the best fight you’ve got.

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Best Canine Cancer Health Tips and More on Tripawd Talk Radio

September 28th, 2015 · No Comments · Pet Cancer, Pet Health

Looking for the best health tips for your canine companion? Hop over to our recent Tripawd Talk Radio episode with Dr. Harvey Cohen and Wendy Shankin-Cohen, founder and president of Dr. Harvey’s Fine Health Foods for Companion Animals.

best canine cancer health tips

Dr. Harvey Cohen

Fight Canine Cancer with Nutrition

In this September 20th Tripawd Talk Radio episode, you’ll learn some of Dr. Harvey’s best tips for cancer dogs and other canine companions. For instance, did you know for the best canine health you should:

Rotate your dog’s proteins weekly.

best canine cancer health tips

Rotate your dog’s food proteins weekly.

“I teach people to rotate proteins once a week,” said Dr. Harvey. “Beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, salmon, tuna, tofu, lentils… Not for variety, but because every protein God put on earth is different. Salmon is different than tuna and beef is different than eggs. You’re offering your companion animal a different protein.”

Rotate your dog’s oils weekly.

best canine cancer health tips

creativecommons: glitch

“I’m going to tell you the five best oils,” he added. “You should rotate them once a week because nature and God made them different. They are:

  1. Coconut
  2. Hemp (GLA oil)
  3. Sesame
  4. Salmon or Krill
  5. Flax Seed Oil

Get rid of artificial additives.

best canine cancer health tips

creativecommons: dandelionmood

“You’ve got to eliminate all preservatives, and all chemicals and really clean up what your dog is eating,” said Wendy. “There is no magic bullet….We’ve made it as simple as possible to make home cooking easy for people do to…but that’s the number one thing.

“Pure natural unadulterated food with no preservatives, no chemical additives, no sprays, no dyes…just eliminate that.” — Wendy Shankin-Cohen

Dr. Harvey added, “You shouldn’t eat foods that have chemicals on them or aren’t fresh. Keep away from chemicals, herbicides, insecticides. It’s our job, they’re our companionable, they’re our best friends.”

Got Canine Nutrition Questions? Ask Dr. Harvey!

As a pioneer in the field of holistic animal nutrition, Dr. Harvey was one of the first animal advocates to educate pet parent about the hazards found in some commercial pet foods, such as added chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

best canine cancer health tips

Once you listen to Dr. Harvey and Wendy share their insight about pet health nutrition, you’ll know that they’re not just another pet food company. They are real pet parents with a passion for teaching us how to feed the purest food possible to our pets in order to enjoy a long, healthy life together.

best canine cancer health tips

Tripawds with Wendy Shankin-Cohen, Dr. Harvey’s CEO/President

“We encourage people to call us and speak to Dr. Harvey directly,” says Wendy. “We’ve provided that service for many, many years.”

When was the last time you got to ask the president and founder of a pet food company your questions about canine health?

Odds are, not recently. We are so impressed with Dr. Harvey’s willingness to help us keep our dogs, cats and other animals in top shape, it really does speak volumes about the quality of their food and supplements.

best canine cancer health tips

Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Food for Dogs

Listen to our interview with Dr. Harvey and Wendy Shankin-Cohen, then hop on over to Dr. Harvey’s website to get started feeding your pets the purest pet food on the planet!

Check Out Pets Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with tripawds on BlogTalkRadio

Learn More About Canine Nutrition with Dr. Harvey:

Dr. Harvey’s Oracle is the Optimal Raw Food Diet for Pets
An Easy Way to Feed Dogs Real Vegies and Meat!


Download the Tripawd Talk Podcast on Cats and Dogs Holistic Care

August 24th, 2015 · No Comments · Pet Cancer

There’s so much to learn about holistic care for cats and dogs with cancer. The way to begin is to contact a holistic veterinarian who can guide you through treatment. Dr. Judy Morgan is one such vet, and in this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we discuss all the ways that holistic care can benefit your dog or cat while fighting cancer and other immune diseases.

This episode of Tripawd Talk Radio August 16, 2015 is sponsored by:

Enter The #TeamGlycoFLEX Giveaway!

Holistic Nutrition for Pet Cancer and Immune System Disease

Check Out Pets Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with tripawds on BlogTalkRadio

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