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Advances in Pet Cancer Treatment and Prevention Spread Hope

February 20th, 2017 · No Comments · Pet Cancer

Pet cancer treatment and prevention is more promising than ever before. It sounds hard to believe, but according to experts gathered at a 2016 roundtable sponsored by Blue Buffalo Co., Ltd., advances in pet cancer are light years ahead of where they were ten years ago.

“Having worked in veterinary oncology for 30 years, the future looks brighter than ever before. There are advances being made in molecular diagnostics, genomics, and proteomics that give me such incredible hope that we’ll be able to treat and eventually cure the majority of cancers that we see.” —Gerald Post, DVM, MEM, DACVIM (Oncology), Practice Owner, The Veterinary Cancer Center, Norwalk, CT

Download “Advances in pet cancer: Innovation in research, scientific collaboration, therapy, and prevention.”

pet cancer treatment

Click to download.

Cancer is no longer a death sentence for our pets. Download the “Advances in Pet Cancer” roundtable paper to find out why. You’ll discover fascinating news such as:

The Biggest Advances to Fight Pet Cancer

Get a peek at new treatments being offered such as:

How Nutrition Can Lower the Risk and Treat Pet Cancer

Hope is priceless when you’re dealing with cancer. This fantastic paper explains why you can have hope, and why the future does look better than ever for any pets (and people!) facing cancer. We encourage you to download the pet cancer treatment and therapies roundtable paper today.

With special thanks to Blue Buffalo for giving us this much needed ray of sunshine!

pet cancer treatment

More Downloads About Pet Cancer Treatment

“Help Your Dog Fight Cancer” Author Laurie Kaplan on Tripawd Talk Radio
Learn How Pet Cancer Clinical Trials Seek Cancer Clues and Cures



Weight Loss Ideas for Pets on Three (and Four) Legs

January 23rd, 2017 · No Comments · Pet Health

It’s easy to miss those extra pounds our Tripawds could be wearing. Thankfully it’s easier for dogs and cats to lose weight than it is for us. If you suspect your dog or cat is exceptionally “fluffy,” then sit back and learn these weight loss ideas for pets on three (and four!) legs. Your guide today is the acclaimed pet weight loss veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM.

Get Pet Weight Loss Ideas on Tripawd Talk Radio

pet weight loss iideas

“The most important decision that pet parents make every day regarding their pet’s health is what they feed it,” says Dr. Ward. “You’ve got the most powerful tool in your hand: the ability to precisely measure food every day,” he explains. Most pet parents are shocked to learn that even exercise is not as important as the amount and type of food put in a pet’s bowl each day.

pet weight loss ideas

Dr. Ernie Ward is founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

Dr. Ward is founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an organization dedicated to recognizing, treating and preventing pet obesity. We learned so much from Dr. Ward in this Tripawd Talk Radio episode.

For instance, he tells us that “Weight loss in dogs and people is about 60 to 70 percent of what we eat, and only 30 to 40 percent what we burn,” says Dr. Ward. “For cats it’s 90 percent diet and only 10 percent exercise. So if you’re going to play the numbers game you focus much more on the food bowl.”

Tripawd Dog Weight Loss Tips

pet weight loss ideas

Is your Tripawd fluffy?

Since Tripawds are more limited on the type of exercise they should be doing in order to burn calories, Dr. Ward has some interesting advice that’s different for cats and dogs.

“If you have a Tripawd dog,” he says, “You’ll need to make sure that you are looking at calories. You have to count calories. People with regular dogs, maybe can get away with not being attentive to those details. But YOU have to be very careful. If you go to my website we have all kinds of pet weight loss calculators and calorie calculators. But that’s a starting point. You really want to work with your vet,” he says.

“If you’ve got a dog with three legs and you’re going ‘I can’t help him stay at a healthy weight because he can’t exercise,’ I say ‘Wrong!’ Because you’ve got the most powerful tool in your hand and that is the ability to precisely measure food every day,” he adds. “So if they’re getting overweight it’s not because of a lack of exercise it’s because of a lack of attention to calories.”

Tripawd Cat Weight Loss Tips

pet weight loss ideas

Cat weight loss is tricky but not impossible.

When it comes to Tripawd cat weight loss tips, things get more complicated explains Dr. Ward. “For cats its a whole different equation because the physiology, the energy systems they use, it’s all different. For cats it’s 90 percent diet and only 10 percent exercise. That’s because cats use glycogen for energy, which is a sugar, as opposed to dogs and humans (we use fatty acids as our primary energy source). So dogs and cats are completely different when it comes to their nutritional needs and calorie burns and all these things,” he says. The trickier nature of feline physiology is why it’s so important to work with your vet to help your cat lose weight.

Get more weight loss ideas for pet.
Tune in to this Tripawd Talk Radio podcast!


DIY Core Strengthening Exercises for Cats

January 9th, 2017 · 2 Comments · DIY, Pet Health

Learning proper core strengthening exercises for cats is just as critical for our feline Tripawd family members as it is for three-legged dogs.

core-strengthening exercises for cats

Can you get cats to exercise? Definitely! (image:

Whether human or animal, we all need strong core muscles (abdominals) to keep us from injuring our backs and hips during movement. Much has been written about core strengthening exercises for dogs, but not as much for cats. Thankfully this is changing, and we aim to share these feline rehabilitation therapy tips and articles with you as we learn about them.

Thanks to our amazing and helpful Trikitty members and bloggers, we have two feline rehabilitation therapy articles to share with you today.

DIY Core Strengthening Exercises for Cats

Recently, Harry the Tripawd Cat made it clear that losing a leg wasn’t going to slow him down.

When his mom saw how good he was getting at moving around after amputation surgery, she asked an important question:

I just have some follow up wondering about core strengthening exercises . Are there any specific recommendations for cats (apart from the meercat pose, which we’ll be working on)? All the blog posts seem to be about dogs. I can’t imagine Harry using a stability disc….he’s stubbornly self directed. Although I do have a sit disc that I could give some things a try on.

Well, she’s right. Animal rehabilitation therapy is a pretty new science, about a decade old. Many general practice veterinarians aren’t even aware of the many wonderful things it can do for any animal but especially the three-legged kind. Veterinary rehabilitation therapy science, studies and classes are usually focused on dogs, so as a result we don’t have much to share about cats. But thankfully that’s changing and more is being studied and shared about doing rehabilitation therapy for cats. We are SO grateful to our feline Tripawds members for doing some digging and sharing these downloadable articles with us.

From the Animal Medical Center in New York:

How to Keep Your Cat Fit, Healthy and Happy

core strengthening for cats

Download the article to see how to exercise your Tripawd cat!

and for more reading check out

This Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery article

Feline Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Principles and Potential

More Tripawds Tips about Exercising Cats

Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona also report that:

my vet suggested that Mona could maintain her remaining front leg mobility by playing with a feather by stretching her leg out to reach the feather. Mona likes to chase feathers on a stick on stairs and play with a laser light on the floor where she moves around really low to the ground.

Here’s a Tripawds News blog post that tells more about front-leg amputee Tripawd cat exercises. If you have any more to share please let us know!

Front Leg Tripawd Cat Tips and Tricks


Meet Animal Advocate Tripawd Mom Susan Marie and Olive the Doggy Diva

December 22nd, 2016 · No Comments · Pet Cancer, Tripawds

Most people begin their Tripawd journey unexpectedly and Susan Marie of Sarasota, Florida was no different. When her beloved Maggy lost her leg to canine cancer seventeen years ago, she never dreamed how it could change her life in some pawsitive ways. If you’re in the early stages of coping with a pet cancer diagnosis, this episode will give you the hope you need for better days ahead.

Tripawd, Greyhound, Maggy, osteosarcoma

Maggy’s osteosarcoma diagnosis inspired a Greyhound cancer walk and more!

A Two-Time Tripawd Mom’s Story

As the Tripawds Community’s newest Tripawd Helpline host, Susan Marie and her current Tripawd Olive, aka The Doggy Diva, are helping animals here, in Florida and beyond. Their steadfast dedication to “giving the voiceless a voice,” as Susan Marie says, is making a difference for animals who need our help. This dynamic duo are the best example of how even a devastating cancer diagnosis can bring blessings that make the world a better place.

Tripawd, Italian Greyhound, Olive, Doggy Diva

Susan Marie and Olive, the Doggy Diva

In this Tripawd Talk Radio interview, Susan Marie shares her two-time Tripawd Mom experience. We learn:

  • What it was like to cope with canine cancer, when veterinary oncologists were hardly in existence?
  • How Maggie changed her world for the better.
  • Why she decided to be a two-time Tripawd Mom by adopting Olive, a “special needs” Italian Greyhound.
  • The biggest lessons that Maggy and Olive have taught her.

Download this insightful Tripawd Talk Radio Episode Today!




Best Tripawd Health Tips from the Experts in 2016

December 12th, 2016 · No Comments · Pet Cancer, Pet Health

It’s that time of year Tripawds Nation! Join us as we look back on the previous twelve months of Tripawd Health Tips in this Downloads blog. Watch for more in our “Best of 2016” series for each Tripawds Featured Blogs.

Best Tripawd Health Tips from the Experts in 2016

2016 Tripawd Talk Radio Podcasts

Hop over to the Tripawd Talk Radio channel on Blog Talk Radio for a long list of helpful interviews with veterinary experts. Download the 30 minute podcast and learn about:

How to Recognize and Treat Pain in Dogs

Learn about Tripawd pain management for dogs with Dr. Mike Petty. He discussed how to tell if your dog is in pain and pain treatment options that he feels are worth pursuing.

Dr. Petty is the owner of Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital and Animal Pain Center, both in Canton, Michigan. He is author of Dr. Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs, a must-have for canine pet parents.

Dogs are Cancer Scientists with Paws

Learn why clinical trials for dogs and people are the most promising path to treating and ultimately curing cancers, with Colorado State University’s Dr. Christine Hardy, DVM and Dr. Kristen Weishaar, a board-certified oncologist and the Flint Animal Cancer Center’s Director of Clinical Trials.

Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Phantom Limb Pain in Pets

Human and animal amputees are often adversely affected by EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) in our environment. On this episode we’ll learn why and how amputees are more affected by EMFs and what we can do to help reduce and minimize the side effects of exposure. Our guest is Dr. Don Nixdorf, DC, clinician  and Board of Advisors member for Farabloc Development Corporation, producers of “Farabloc,” a holistic medical aid that reduces exposure to high frequency EMFs, which helps to alleviate chronic pain and sports injuries in people as well as pets.

free pet health insurance bookThe Pet Insurance Tookit with Dr. Doug Kenney

Learn how to choose the best pet insurance for your animal with Dr. Doug Kenney, author of the Pet Insurance Toolkit – new and revised for 2016! Dr. Doug Kenney is a practicing veterinarian in the Memphis, Tennessee area who is dedicated to helping pet parents choose the best health insurance policy for their companion animals. He is the author of the Pet Insurance Toolkit, a downloadable e-book that helps pet parents understand the ins and outs of pet insurance policies and choose the best policy for them. He also hosts a podcast show, The Pet Insurance Guide Podcast.

What to Know About Emergency Amputation Surgery for Dogs and Cats #ANIMALER

Many Tripawds parents face the amputation decision under traumatic circumstances. If you’re coping with this life-changing choice for your cat or dog, listen to the sage advice from Nat Geo WILD’s Animal ER expert Dr. Brian Beale, DVM DACVS. In this 15-minute, informative Tripawd Talk Radio show we’ll ask Dr. Beale:

  • How do you assess whether or not a cricially injured animal is a candidate for amputation surgery?
  • How do you know if the leg is worth saving?
  • What are some things a pet parent should consider when you suggest amputation or limb salvage surgery?
  • What’s your most memorable amputation recovery story that you can recall?
  • And finally, what is the WILDEST animal you’ve ever amputated a limb on, and how did they do?

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer with Author and Advocate Laurie Kaplan

On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we chat with author and animal advocate Laurie Kaplan. As creator of the indispensible handbook “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer” and founder of the Magic Bullet Fund, a non-profit fund dedicated to covering treatment costs for those that can’t afford it.

In this episode Laurie shares over 15 years of insight about what it’s like to care for a dog with a cancer diagnosis, how we can help others with in their pets’ cancer diagnoses and where we can focus our efforts to end this devastating disease.

More Great Tripawds Health Tips Downloads

What to Feed a Dog or Cat with Cancer

This helpful list of videos, reading and other resources will help you learn what feed a dog or cat with cancer. It’s required reading if your animal has been diagnosed. Get answers to questions like:

  • What foods can help keep our dog or cat strong through chemotherapy?
  • Can we use human foods to boost appetite during cancer treatments?
  • What foods are not safe to feed our dogs and cats undergoing cancer treatment?

Tripawd Exercise: Cookie Stretch Fun

Here’s a quickie post with DIY videos that explain how to help your three-legged hero stay loose and flexible: cookie stretches!

DIY Canine Rehabilitation Therapy for Tripawds Course

Learn tips to safely and effectively keep a canine Tripawd lean and strong, all from home in a go-at-your-own-pace online class. The program covers topics like:

  • Beginning Exercises for Tripods
  • Forelimb AND hindlimb Amputations and Considerations
  • Weight Management
  • Considerations for Allowing the Tripod to Live the Best Quality of Life

Gentle, Safe Tripawd Dog Stretches to Avoid Injuries

Regular and safe Tripawd dog stretches are so important to reduce the chance of injury. Learn about warm-ups, cool downs and safe play for Tripawd dogs and cats.

Download FREE Pet Health Insurance Book (Just $4.49)

It’s worth your time to read Pet Health Insurance: a Veterinarian’s Perspective. This short, 80-page book that lays out the facts about pet health insurance and the e-book download is FREE only $4.49 USD for the Kindle/PDF version.

Vet Gives Cat and Dog Leg Amputation Surgery Recovery Tips

Watch a helpful and hopeful video about cat and dog leg amputation surgery recovery tips. It was created by Dr. Lori Pasternak of Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic in Richmond Virginia.

Join us here in 2017 as we bring you the newest and best downloadable tips to help your cat or dog live a great life on three legs!