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Get Your Tripawds Diploma With Two Great Books at One Low Price

Tripawds E-booksWhen you want all of your canine amputation recovery and health questions answered fast, this Tripawds Library Bonus Package gives you a complete education about life on three legs.

Purchase your download below to start studying in minutes or read on for complete details about what’s included in this special offer.

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Tripawds E-books: Buy Two and Save!

Whether your dog is facing limb amputation because of illness or accident, you are thinking about adopting a fully-grown canine amputee, or you just want to keep your current three legged dog healthy and strong, this Tripawds Library Bonus Package is for you! Featuring both Three Legs & a Spare and Loving Life on Three Legs, this indispensable resource is packed with more than 225 pages of helpful information for your amputee dog education.

when you buy both books at the same time!

Tripawds 101: Three Legs and a Spare

When coping with an amputation for your dog, you need answers, and you need them fast. Three Legs & a Spare will help you prepare for your best friend’s new life on three legs.

Three Legs and A Spare Tripawds EbookThree Legs & a Spare: A Canine Amputation Handbook features the best tips and advice from more than six years of compiling Tripawds community resources about canine amputees.

This 110-page interactive PDF contains the best advice from more than 5,500 Tripawds community members. With hundreds of informative links, Three Legs & a Spare will save you time and provide immediate answers to your questions.

Quickly find information about common concerns such as:

  • Canine amputation surgery costs
  • How to decide if amputation is right for your dog
  • Preparing yourself, your dog and your home
  • Pre-amputation questions to ask your vet
  • Post-surgery pain management strategies
  • Common amputation recovery concerns, and how to handle them

Three Legs & a Spare presents the most enlightening answers from thousands of Forum Discussions, and hundreds of News Blog posts, as well as individual member experiences from their own three legged dog blogs.

Tripawds 201: Loving Life on Three Legs

Nearly six years in the making, Loving Life on Three Legs: Canine Fitness and Conditioning for Happy, Healthy Tripawds is the second e-book in the Tripawds Library Bonus Package.

mockbook2_rehabThis second phase of your Tripawds education is all about maintaining good health and fitness for canine amputees. Help your dog live a long happy life with information from veterinarians and certified vet rehab therapists, along with hundreds of direct links to articles, forum topics, interviews and how-to videos for exercises you can do at home.

In this 115-page interactive PDF we share critical information that every Tripawd parent should know, including helpful tips about things like:

  • Preparing for your “new normal”
  • Surgery recovery and pain management
  • Why strong core muscles prevent injuries
  • Canine rehabilitation therapy basics
  • Finding a qualified rehab therapy program
  • Do-it-yourself stretching, massage, and exercises.
  • Diet, supplement and nutrition basics
  • Keeping the golden years golden
  • Case studies of dogs loving life on three legs
  • And much more!

Tripawds E-books

Class is in Session

Are you ready to get your Tripawds diploma? Download both books today and you also get:

  • Tripawd Caregiver/Petsitter Instructions
  • New Tripawd Daily Treatment Regimen
  • Important Veterinary Questions
  • Exercise Routine Worksheet
  • Dog Diet Plan & Nutrition Worksheet
  • Purina Body Conditioning Chart Printout
  • Plans for building your own homemade Buja Board


KillBarney Tour BookEach e-book includes hundreds of direct links to the most informative Tripawds blog posts, forum topics, interviews and how-to videos. This Tripawds Library bonus offer combines both books in one document you can read offline!

Save on fun Tripawds Stuff Too!


Download Tripawds Ebook Library:

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cat ebookLooking for help for your tri-kitty?

Download: Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats

The first feline amputation recovery and care handbook!

23 thoughts on “Get Your Tripawds Diploma With Two Great Books at One Low Price”

  1. Please help me! I have a canine with leg cancer. I most desperately need your assistance. He is my hero. He once saved my daughter from drowning. I am recently retired Air Force veteran. He is all that I have in this world. V/r Tim

    • Tim, I am really sorry to hear about your pup. You are in the right place for help, you are surrounded by others who understand what you are going through and ready to support you during this journey. Please visit our Discussion Forums and Chat room and download our ebook for answers to all of your questions. We would love to hear all about your very special pup so stop by the forums OK? Many hugs to you both.

  2. Hi
    MyLab has to have his hind leg amputated due to a cancerous tumor in his left rear paw as much as it is a shock to us I do not know how to approach this

  3. Hi – our chocolate lab recently had her front leg amputated (4 days ago). Sometime she yelps hysterically for a few minutes at a time and we are at a loss as to what to do the comfort her. Our hearts break each time.

    It seems to pass but she stays awake panting and obviously in pain and distress all night. Will this end soon? What can we do?


  4. Jerry,
    Do you know if I can buy hard copies of the Dr. Dresslers books without the other E-book stuff (I live in the dark ages.) I have looked and looked.

  5. The anticipation of amputation is SO scary! I went through this with my angel of a pup. No one could figure out what was wrong w/her and amputation was the very last resort. I am happy to report that it has been almost 2 years and she was back to her old self w/in about 48 hours of the operation. She is sweeter and happier than she was before. Rest assured the process is harder on us than it is on them!

  6. 9/28/20

    Ive a 9 lb 3 legged rescue female.
    Age; about 9 yrs
    Mixed breed—- cocker and poodle probably.
    Amputation: one hind leg
    Walks oK
    Measures 17” in chest
    Question: can she carry panniers with about 2 Lbs wt?

  7. Hi, we have a 6 year old pit mix, that has a mast cell cancer in her rear leg, and getting bigger.
    She is so athletic and muscular. and the thought of amputation just seems so wrong for her. None of the options are great. The idea of radiation and or chemo sound like they aren’t the best option. So it seems like amputation followed by radiation is the best option. I don’t know. I read positive things, but then I think about phantom limb pain.
    Is there a way that anyone who wants to respond to this can email me or message bc I don’t get online often, and less now that we are driving all over creation, LONG drives, plus my husband and I are dealing with health issues that require Dr visits, PT, tests. Today was the first day I don’t have to do any of those things.
    my email is: here.
    thanks a lot.


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