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Help Your Three Legged Cat – Tripawd Basics Cat Amputation Book


Second Edition: Tripawd Basics Version (For Kindle) Essentials of the first premium cat amputation book from Tripawds – Includes two file formats and coupon for $5 OFF Premium E-book.

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This Tripawd Basics edition includes fundamental information from How to Help Your Three Legged Cat, the first Tripawds cat amputation book. Originally published as Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats in 2018, now in its Second Edition, this essential feline amputation recovery and care handbook has been updated to include additional original content and numerous informative articles, forum topics, videos, podcast interviews, plus many more helpful resources. The companion Basics paperback is also available for those who prefer a printed book.

Whether your cat has already lost a leg or will be having an amputation soon – due to cancer or for any another reason – How to Help Your Three Legged Cat will help you prepare for your feline friend’s new life on three legs.

Get Cat Amputation for Find Fast Answers to Common Concerns:

  • How cats really cope on three legs
  • How to help a Tripawd cat recover smoothly
  • Pain management for post-op care and beyond
  • Litter box tips and ways to Tripawd-proof your home
  • Diet, nutrition and exercise ideas for staying fit
  • and real-life examples of Tripawd cats enjoying a great life!

Feel confident, knowing if amputation is right for your cat. Learn how to select the best veterinary clinic for the surgery. Get the best tips to help improve quality of life for cats after limb amputation. Discover what to expect during recovery.

Find out the different challenges for front leg Tripawds and tripod cats missing a rear leg. Understand important life-saving information about “outdoor cats” requiring an amputation, and be prepared for alarming behavior commonly exhibited by many cats during recovery. Get fast answers to questions about prosthetics for amputee cats, phantom limb pain, rehabilitation, the best pain management practices, and much more.

Nobody ever expects their animal to lose a leg, but sometimes it’s the only way to provide a better quality of life. When that happens, this comprehensive cat amputation book helps worried pet parents feel more comfortable throughout the entire journey.

Purchase here to get both PDF and EPUB file formats, while supporting your Tripawds community.

Download includes coupons for $5 Off the Premium E-book!

This Tripawd Basics cat amputation book is optimized for Kindle readers and mobile devices. It is an edited version of the Tripawds Premium E-book. To reduce the price, content has been truncated or removed and the formatting optimized for Kindle re-flowable format. Purchase includes a coupon for $5 off the premium edition, which also includes veterinarian interview excerpts, extended recommended reading lists, numerous videos, and additional bonus material.

How to Help Your Three Legged Cat is from the creators of Tripawds – the largest online support community for three-legged pets and their people.

With 15+ years of experience helping pet parents through difficult times, and interviewing numerous veterinary experts, Rene and Jim offer valuable insight for coping with amputation recovery and care for three-legged dogs and cats. Their work is applauded by leading veterinarians and teaching institutions.

Tripawd Basics e-books are also available in Paperback on Amazon.

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Help Your Three Legged Cat – Tripawd Basics Cat Amputation Book
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