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Comparing Homemade Versus Store Bought Pet Foods

Tripawd Talk Radio Podcast Episode #62

Original Air Date: May 19, 2017

Are home cooked pet food diets really better for cats and dogs? A group of vet nutritionists are looking at fresh versus store-bought pet foods in a groundbreaking new study. On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we’ll speak with pet nutrition expert Dr. Donna Raditic, DVM, DACVN, CVA.

Fresh Versus Store-Bought Pet Foods Study Needs Your Support. Millions of dogs and cats are fed high heat processed, commercial foods throughout their lives. But is this really the best nutrition we can offer? Heat treatment of foods can cause a reaction between the proteins and sugars called “the Maillard reaction” which results in the formation of what is termed dietary Advanced Glycation End- Products or AGEs. Studies have shown that elevated levels of AGEs in tissues are associated with age-related diseases in humans, rats, and dogs including diabetes, cataracts, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, renal disease, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. Dietary AGEs and their accumulation in the body may be one of the ways diets can impact age- related diseases in humans and our companion animals. Preliminary data suggests some pet foods may contain over 122 time the AGEs found in processed human foods! A groundbreaking independent study led by the Companion Animal Nutrition and Wellness Institute (CANWI) will compare the levels of AGEs in processed and fresh food pet diets and evaluate the influence of feeding differing intakes of dietary AGEs. The study will involve veterinary nutritionists, food scientists and one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in the Country. Learn how his study can help pet parents make better food choices for our cats and dogs. Dr, Raditic will explain what CANWI does and how pet parent support is critical to the health of our pets.

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