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Benefits of Canine Rehab for Tripawds

Discover the benefits of canine rehab for Tripawds, especially during recovery from amputation surgery, on Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #117.

Why is canine rehab for Tripawds so important, especially during amputation recovery? What treatments are best for three legged dogs, and how do you find a good therapist? Dr Ana Esqivel helps us explain on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio...

This is Tripawd Talk Radio episode number 117, and we’re discussing one of our favorite topics: Rehab therapy for three legged pets. And we’ve got an expert with us help explain the benefits.

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #117: Canine Rehab for Tripawds

Dr Ana Esquivel is a practicing veterinarian who recognized her geriatric patients were in need of special attention beyond the typical drug therapy prescribed for their pain management. She studied Medical Acupuncture and became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. She now operates ACE of Paws, the only dedicated Canine Rehab Clinic in Albequerque New Mexico. And, three of her patients have been recipients of our Tripawds Rehab grant, which will reimburse anyone who take their three legged dog or cat for rehab evaluation by a certified therapist.

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Episode Video:

Guest Bio: After practicing for over a decade in New Mexico, Dr. Ana Esquivel recognized that most of her patients were geriatric and in need of special attention. Because of this, Dr. Esquivel became more familiar with aging canines’ physical needs and how to maintain mobility and a higher quality of life. Studying Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians revealed that most of her patients could benefit from more than the prescribed drug therapy for their pain management. 

After helping her dog Samantha through a third knee surgery, Dr. E decided it was necessary to broaden her background to include integrative medicine.  By 2018 Dr. E had completed training through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and added Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist to her credentials.

Dr. E and her husband John recognized the high demand for Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation in Albuquerque.  The two sprang into action to become business owners. They opened Albuquerque’s only stand-alone Canine Rehabilitation Clinic, ACE of Paws.

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