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Track Your Tripawd’s Supplements

Is your Tripawd taking multiple medications and supplements throughout the day? If so, how are you keeping track of what to give, and when?

Keeping tabs on your dog’s medication can challenging, but there are ways to make it easier.

Try using:

Manual Methods:

A Dry Erase Board in the kitchen.
Especially if others are caring and feeding your pup.

Or go low tech and save with a Tripawds journal from our Store!

Electronic Methods:

Spirit Genie’s Supplements Spreadsheet

A while back, Spirit Genie‘s Mom, Jessie, posted a copy of this Excel spreadsheet she used to track Genie’s supplements.

All you need to do is replace the supplements listed with the ones your Tripawd uses. Then, indicate how much of each supplement your dog consumes in one serving, and you’ll see the built-in formulas that indicate how many of each ingredient is in one pill, and give daily milligrams totals for each. Open it up and play around with it to see what I mean.

Downloadable iPhone Applications

Surprisingly, there aren’t too many iPhone applications to track supplements. But here’s a short list of the ones we found that received positive reviews.


iSupplement will calculate your Tripawd’s total day supply and next dosing time, based on the information you enter. Just tell it the supplement name, type, quantity, amount taken per dose, how many hours in between every dose, and how many times it is taken a day. It will also show each supplement’s total day supply left, last dose taken, next dose taken, and light indicators for quick reference.

Download iSupplement for just .99 cents in iTunes.

Medi Memory

Medi Memory will store details of all medications that need to be taken, how often and in what quantities. You’ll be able to see details of your Tripawd’s next due medication, and get access to a medication calendar summarizing all planned medications over the coming days and weeks.

Download Medi Memory for $14.99

How do you keep track of your Tripawd’s supplements? Share your suggestions below!

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