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DIY Mutt-lucks for Your Tripawd

While we are constantly looking for the best dog boots, traction socks and no-slip applications that will help your Tripawd get around on slippery floors, we came across this Do-It-Yourself dog shoe pattern on DomestikGoddess that shows how to make your own dog boots.

Inexpensive and made with leftover fabric scraps, this customizable dog boots design is constructed with non-slid vinyl soles, elastic at the ankles, and Velcro fasteners.

DomestickGoddess also shares these great tips for how to teach your dog to wear boots.

free homemade dog boot patternWhile they don’t appear to be as durable as other outdoor boots, we figure that the crafty Tripawd pawrents out there might want to give this dog boot pattern a try to see if it can work for three leggers out there.

If you make these, let us know!

2 thoughts on “DIY Mutt-lucks for Your Tripawd”

  1. Thanks for this. Opie and I were pretty versed in booties before he became a tripawd and I just wanted to add one more tip.

    This looks like a good pattern because the velcro tabs are not incorporated into the side seams. Because mushing is so popular here, there is never a problem finding booties, but most of them sew the velcro into the seams and I think that would really have to be uncomfortable having that stiff stuff rub on your leg all day. So, I just wanted to let tripawd pawrents know that before they buy booties, feel inside and along the seams to make sure there are no rough spots.

    Most booties just go straight up. This one has a nice curve to it. Maybe will help keep the dog from “tossing” it.

    I have never tried a booty with elastic, but I will try this one for mattie. (She hates being bootied). Will let you know how it goes.

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