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Pawsitive Feedback for Tripawds e-book

The new  downloadable Tripawds e-book, “Three Legs & A Spare,” is getting pawsitive feedback from new Tripawds pawrents.

“Tripawd’s ebook “Three Legs and a Spare” was instrumental in helping us prepare for Sean’s surgery.” – Sondra

“I did download the book a little while ago and have just been pouring through it. Wish I’d had it *before* the surgery . . . what a great book to help people deal with all this.” – Jackie

“Excellent helpful information contained there. I bought the book and it was worth it.”” – Janet

Three Legs & A Spare” is a collection of our best information about canine amputation and life on three legs, from the last four years of

Saves Time Researching

We recommend it for pawrents who are about to go through the amputation experience, or those who just did, and don’t have time to search through our Discussion Forums or pour through our Required Reading List.

As the world’s first comprehensive e-book about canine amputation, “Three Legs & A Spare” helps you quickly find information about common concerns such as:

  • Canine amputation costs
  • How to decide if amputation is right for your dog
  • Preparing yourself, your dog and your home
  • Amputation questions to ask your vet
  • Post-surgery pain management strategies
  • Common amputation recovery scenarios, and how to handle them

Read more about this comprehensive e-book here. And if you decide to purchase it, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to share your thoughts here in the Tripawds Discussion Forums.

2 thoughts on “Pawsitive Feedback for Tripawds e-book”

  1. Our 3yr old Weimer (Maudie) is in surgery at this very moment,having been struck by a schoolbus.She’s losing her left front leg. We are desperate for any help. My wife is downloading the book and we are looking forward to any help it will provide.

  2. Stu, we can’t thank you enough. However we can help, please let us know. We are always in the Discussion Forums, where so many others can help too. Good luck with Maudie, we’re betting your girl will do just fine. She has age and size on her side for sure. Keep us posted OK?


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