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Free Pet Emergency Tips from Canine-911

We hope your Tripawd will never experience a life-threatening emergency, but the fact is, 92 percent of dogs will be involved in some kind of medical trauma at least once in their lives.

Don’t wait for a tragic medical situation to test your life-saving skills.

First, download this free PDF report about canine emergencies

This free report is written by author Rebecca Prince, and will give you a head-start on knowing what to do during an emergency.

Prince is the author of Canine-911! a comprehensive guide to what to do during emergency sitations with dogs. Highly recommended by Dogster and the DailyPuppy, among others,  Canine-911! teaches you skills like:

  • What to do if your dog stops breathing, if your dog is choking or their heart stops
  • How to deal with fractures and broken bones
  • How to treat your dog for shock (the cause of most deaths following an accident; know what to do to ensure that your pet survives)
  • Bleeding wounds (How to stop bleeding fast and effectively)
  • The perfect body temperature, heart beat and respiration ranges for your dog and how to check them.
  • The two extremes of temperature, heatstroke and hypothermia. (How you should immediately respond – and what you SHOULDN’T do).
  • What to do if your dog is poisoned (What you need to do- and the WORST thing you can do).

Available for just $19.95, Canine-911! is a 124-page resource that can save your dog’s life in emergencies. It’s also a comprehensive guide to your dog’s health, happiness and vitality — without which you could unknowingly cause your beloved pet’s early death.

Download Canine-911! today and get a free copy of “Healthy Foods for Healthy Dogs,” which contains over 150 simple recipes, from meals to treats that your dog will love. This bonus material normally sells for $29.95 but is yours free when you purchase Canine-911!.

Don’t stand by while your pet needlessly suffers during an emergency. Be prepared.

First, download this free PDF report about canine emergencies

Then, order Canine-911! today

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2 thoughts on “Free Pet Emergency Tips from Canine-911”

  1. Hey thanks for this! Did you hear about Dakota’s overenthusiastic Christmas dinner the other night? I really wondered about the doggie Heimlich, and this will help in case it ever comes up again.


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