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Watch Helpful Dog Cancer Videos on Dr. Dressler’s Research Channel

The list of treatments for bone cancer in dogs grows every day, but discerning between fact and hype is tough. It’s our goal to help you find the most trustworthy information about coping with canine cancer, which is why we often refer to Dr. Dressler’s Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

One of the reasons we love Dr. Dressler’s book is because as a veterinary expert in canine cancer, he believes in a “Full Spectrum Cancer Care” approach. In The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, Dressler shares all of the latest advances canine cancer treatments from holistic to traditional medicine.

He calls it “The Full Spectrum Approach” and explains it here in his new video channel, Dog Cancer.TV.


Dressler explains his approach as:

“The full spectrum approach is all about as objectively as possible avoiding hype, avoiding bias, assessing each tool independently and saying ‘Well gee, does this have merit in combating a disease that we struggle with?’ We’re always looking for new options because we want to improve survival times and make that life as good as it can possibly be.”

Dr. Dressler’s new Dog Cancer Channel features over 40 downloadable videos about dog cancer. They cover everything you need to know from diagnosis, to dog cancer diet, to supplements, to apoptosis, to which conventional therapies  and which natural holistic therapies you should consider for your dog’s cancer.  Each of the most common dog cancers has its own video.

If you find Dr. Dressler’s dog cancer videos helpful, consider downloading the Dog Cancer Survival Guide e-book in the Tripawds Downloads blog or ordering the hard copy in our Amazon Blog.

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