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First 2013 Tripawds Survey Results: Long-Term Osteosarcoma Survivors

The results from the first of an ongoing series of Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Care surveys are in!

Thanks to osteosarcoma survivor Jill the Cat and her talented mom Erica, we were able to put together a brief survey called “Tripawds Osteosarcoma Long-Term Survivors.

The purpose of the survey was to get the backstory on our Tripawds heroes who defied all odds and lived beyond one year with osteosarcoma.

We received 50 responses which gave us some terrific insight into what types of treatments they pursued, when and if metastasis happened and their overall survival times.

Interesting survey findings include:

  • 66% of respondents were front leg amputees
  • Most amputations occurred within one week of diagnosis
  • Nearly one-quarter of pawrents did not pursue chemotherapy or other treatments after amputation
  • Palladia was given to Tripawds after metastasis by nearly one-quarter of respondents
Download Tripawds Osteosarcoma Long-Term Survivors Survey Results.

Three years ago in 2010 Tripawds embarked on a single major survey to study the reasons why our members lost a leg. Now, you can help keep the information flowing. We will continue to gather statistics about the lives of our Tripawds heroes in short, 10-question surveys you can take throughout the year.

All survey results will be compiled into this spreadsheet and will be available to the public for extrapolation.

We look forward to hearing all about your life on three legs. Thank you for your ongoing participation!


3 thoughts on “First 2013 Tripawds Survey Results: Long-Term Osteosarcoma Survivors”

    • Hey M, the plan is to continue to publish the call for survey responses in the Tripawds News blog and leave them up for a couple of weeks with a cutoff date. I would love for everyone to be able to fill them out at their leisure but the problem is that someone (errr, me) would have to go in there occasionally and redo the survey results, republish them, etc. So for now each survey will have a cutoff time. Next year we’ll probably repeat the same surveys to continue the data gathering process.


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