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Tripawd-Centric Podcasts for Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Are you traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday this week? If so, here’s a couple of Tripawd-centric podcasts to keep you entertained on the road:

TripawdTalkRadioLogoTripawd Talk Radio: Holistic Cancer Care

Meet Dr. Lena McCullough, DVM and founder of Path With Paws, a renowned resource for holistic care for dogs and cats with a focus on cancer care. In this episode we discuss

  • Why Dr. McCullough chose to focus on holistic care and acupuncture for her patients, and why she feels it’s especially beneficial for cancer patients.
  • How to decide which path works best for your dog or cat who is fighting cancer, such as holistic versus conventional, or homeopathic versus Chinese medicine.
  • Why less is more when choosing which supplements and remedies to try.
  • You’ll learn about Dr. McCullough’s therapeutic methods for treating osteosarcoma, mast cell cancers and soft tissue sarcomas.
  • How cats differ from dogs when considering which cancer remedies and therapies to use.
  • Why acupuncture is so helpful for treating cancer in dogs and cats.
 Download this Tripawd Talk Radio episode here.

Paws to Talk

Margot Ahlquist is the creator of Paws to Talk, which started as an advice blog and has grown into a life coaching business. Margot’s award-winning blog is written in the voices of her two standard poodles Bella and DiDi.

In this episode we chat with her about Tripawds Founder Spirit Jerry and how he inspired the creation of the Tripawds community, and how he helped us live for the moment even when we faced the greatest challenges of his cancer journey.

Download Paws to Talk here

The Pet Cancer Vet

The Pet Cancer Vet (11-18-2013) #2015: Hosted by Dr. Sue Ettinger, DVM, ACVIM (Oncology) and author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, you’ll meet Dr. Robert Silver from RX Vitamins for Pets explains all the holistic natural healing properties in Onco support for pets fighting cancer — and how to advocate for your pet’s immune system with your own vet.

Dr. Sue is one of the nation’s leading oncologists for dogs and cats. She initiated the medical oncology service at the Animal Specialty Center (ASC), a private practice specialty hospital in Westchester, just north of New York City. She is the sole medical oncologist on staff and ASC is one of only two veterinary facilities in the U.S. with dedicated radio surgery for pets.

Episode no longer available.

Do you have a favorite podcast that we should know about? If so let us know in the comments box below!

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