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Best Canine Cancer Health Tips and More on Tripawd Talk Radio

Looking for the best health tips for your canine companion? Don’t miss this Tripawd Talk Radio episode with Dr. Harvey Cohen and Wendy Shankin-Cohen, founder and president of Dr. Harvey’s Fine Health Foods for Companion Animals.

Listen below and read on for more helpful nutrition tips, or hit the share button to download episode for listening offline.

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best canine cancer health tips
Dr. Harvey Cohen

Fight Canine Cancer with Nutrition

In this September 20th Tripawd Talk Radio episode, you’ll learn some of Dr. Harvey’s best tips for cancer dogs and other canine companions. For instance, did you know for the best canine health you should:

Rotate your dog’s proteins weekly.

best canine cancer health tips
Rotate your dog’s food proteins weekly.

“I teach people to rotate proteins once a week,” said Dr. Harvey. “Beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, salmon, tuna, tofu, lentils… Not for variety, but because every protein God put on earth is different. Salmon is different than tuna and beef is different than eggs. You’re offering your companion animal a different protein.”

Rotate your dog’s oils weekly.

best canine cancer health tips
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“I’m going to tell you the five best oils,” he added. “You should rotate them once a week because nature and God made them different. They are:

  1. Coconut
  2. Hemp (GLA oil)
  3. Sesame
  4. Salmon or Krill
  5. Flax Seed Oil

Get rid of artificial additives.

best canine cancer health tips
creativecommons: dandelionmood

“You’ve got to eliminate all preservatives, and all chemicals and really clean up what your dog is eating,” said Wendy. “There is no magic bullet….We’ve made it as simple as possible to make home cooking easy for people do to…but that’s the number one thing.

“Pure natural unadulterated food with no preservatives, no chemical additives, no sprays, no dyes…just eliminate that.” — Wendy Shankin-Cohen

Dr. Harvey added, “You shouldn’t eat foods that have chemicals on them or aren’t fresh. Keep away from chemicals, herbicides, insecticides. It’s our job, they’re our companionable, they’re our best friends.”

Got Canine Nutrition Questions? Ask Dr. Harvey!

As a pioneer in the field of holistic animal nutrition, Dr. Harvey was one of the first animal advocates to educate pet parent about the hazards found in some commercial pet foods, such as added chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

Once you listen to Dr. Harvey and Wendy share their insight about pet health nutrition, you’ll know that they’re not just another pet food company. They are real pet parents with a passion for teaching us how to feed the purest food possible to our pets in order to enjoy a long, healthy life together.

best canine cancer health tips
Tripawds with Wendy Shankin-Cohen, Dr. Harvey’s CEO/President

“We encourage people to call us and speak to Dr. Harvey directly,” says Wendy. “We’ve provided that service for many, many years.”

When was the last time you got to ask the president and founder of a pet food company your questions about canine health?

Odds are, not recently. We are so impressed with Dr. Harvey’s willingness to help us keep our dogs, cats and other animals in top shape, it really does speak volumes about the quality of their food and supplements.

best canine cancer health tips
Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Food for Dogs

Listen to our interview with Dr. Harvey and Wendy Shankin-Cohen, then hop on over to Dr. Harvey’s website to get started feeding your pets the purest pet food on the planet!

Learn More About Canine Nutrition with Dr. Harvey:

Dr. Harvey’s Oracle is the Optimal Raw Food Diet for Pets
An Easy Way to Feed Dogs Real Vegies and Meat!

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