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Learn How Pet Cancer Clinical Trials Seek Cancer Clues and Cures

Did you know that dogs are cancer scientists with paws? And in many cases, cats are too! In this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio, you’ll learn why clinical trials for dogs and people are the most promising path to treating and ultimately curing cancers!

CSU One Cure Comparative Oncology

We caught up with Colorado State University’s Dr. Christine Hardy, DVM and Dr. Kristen Weishaar, a board-certified oncologist and the Flint Animal Cancer Center’s Director of Clinical Trials. Colorado State University’s Flint Animal Cancer Center is home of the One Cure initiative to find a cancer cure for pets and people.

Learn About Clinical Trials, Comparative Oncology and “One Cure” for Pets and People

  • What exactly are clinical trials?
  • Why are clinical trials so important for treating and even curing cancer.
  • How do people and dogs benefit from participating?
  • What are the pitfalls of taking part?
    And so much more!

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About Dr. Hardy

In her role as Director of Operations and Development for CSU’s Flint Animal Cancer Center, Dr. Hardy is getting the word out about “One Cure,” an initiative to share the importance of participating in clinical trials when animals and humans are diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Hardy tells us “I am very proud to be full time back at the FACC as of January 2015 and oversee Operations and Development.  I earned my MPH from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and both the DVM and MBA as part of the first class of the Combined MBA/DVM program at CSU. I’m a general practitioner with a special interest in oncology and pain management and couldn’t be more honored to be a part of our team where we strive to make a difference for all cancer patients.”

About Dr. Weishaar

Dr. Weishaar earned her DVM from Tufts University in Massachusetts and became board-certified at Colorado State in 2014. Dr. Weishaar is excited to play a role in finding new treatments for animals and people with cancer through clinical research.

More About Comparative Oncology

In this Tripawds News blog article, you’ll learn how One Cure brings together human and veterinary oncology professionals to mutually study how treatment of pets with cancer can improve therapies for human patients – and lead to “one cure” for both pets and people alike!

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5 thoughts on “Learn How Pet Cancer Clinical Trials Seek Cancer Clues and Cures”

  1. I debated a clinical trial I mightve tried it if Zeus’ cancer hadnt spread out to his lungs. It was not funded so I wouldve had to pay for the injection. $7000 was the estimate but the problem I had wrapping my head around was having to have Zeus necropsied with them. I wasnt about to sign anything letting them have him but I do understand its necessary for research. The injection was supposed to target proteins in the cancer cells, the same type women have when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. It had a 50/50 results on canines with Lymphoma, 4 dogs participated but was not yet tried in Osteo? It just wasnt the right circumstances for us. But I’d love to see/know if its helped and animal with osteo…

    • I can understand totally, it’s not right for everyone all the time. Do you remember the name of the study or who was in charge? I’m curious about the results too.

  2. The Oncologist that was conducted it is;
    Dr Impelliziri. The vaccination is called Neu/2 and I believe there is still 1 more vial in the USA and usually takes weeks to ship from Europe. The Dr has access to the Vaccine as it is being stored at Vassar in NY. Website for MD;


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