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Help Your Dog Relax with Sounds of Nature

Just as Wyatt Ray was tearing up the house tonight, we remembered that Codie Rae’s Mom had a really cool “doggie relaxation” CD that she brought with her when the pack came to visit us in Colorado. We wished we had that CD tonight.

When Martha told us about it, we were skeptical. How could music calm down the likes of Codie Rae, Wyatt and Smokey?

But Martha put that CD in the player, and within a few minutes, all three dogs had walked away from their rowdy party zone, laid down quietly and fell asleep like little angels!

We can’t remember the name of that CD, but we found a couple of MP3 downloads that Amazon offers, like this one, “Sleep Aid for Your Pets With Sounds of Nature.” The collection has nature sounds, rainfall, oceans, and more. We had to be careful when previewing them, because we almost fell asleep, they were that relaxing.

You can help your dog do the same, by downloading the songs individually for .99 cents each. Some cuts are as long as 30 minutes, which is a great deal. Or get the entire collection for $7.92 and have more than enough tunes to help your dog relax before and after amputation surgery, at vet visits, and when they experience other stressful situations.

2 thoughts on “Help Your Dog Relax with Sounds of Nature”

  1. Oh Yeah! That CD is great. It is called ‘Through a Dog’s Ear.’ It is piano music and it really does seem to work–we have been playing it to help Travis Ray to settle in.

    You can go to the website to check it out (they have several different CDs, including a driving edition so your human doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel!) but if you are going to order it between now and Xmas be sure to order it from Amazon to help keep Auntie Rene gainfully employed through the holidays!

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