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Download Henry’s Dog Cancer Diet Tips

After Buck Precht’s dog Henry was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, Precht went into research mode to learn how he could help his best friend with better nutrition that was within his financial means.

He began giving Henry a kibble-free diet that included ingredients ranging from spinach to fish oil, black walnut hull to essiac tea.

One year and five months later, Henry is still thriving after his four to six week prognosis and now, Precht is happy to share the nutritional methods that he believes is helping Henry stay cancer-free in Henry’s Amazing Dog Cancer Diet ebook.

Download Free, Donations Accepted

Henry’s Amazing Dog Cancer Diet is an e-book you can download for free, but donations are gladly accepted to help Precht cover the costs of keeping his website alive. All proceeds go directly to Canine Cancer

Here’s what we really like about this 62-page book:

  • Precht’s intentions are altruistic, he isn’t making any promises that he can cure your dog’s cancer
  • He doesn’t bash conventional treatments
  • The book gives the reader enough information to produce a credible work that can help create the basis for your dog cancer nutrition research.
  • Many of the ingredients he uses are ones that we believe helped our Spirit Jerry fight osteosarcoma.
  • Dr. Demian Dressler’s Dog Cancer Survival Guide Book is also the basis of much of his advice
NOTE: The e-book is no longer available for free.

As always, remember that books like this are not a replacement for the advice of your veterinary medical provider. Consult with your own doctor and nutritional expert to learn how Henry’s Amazing Dog Cancer Diet e-book information can improve your own dog’s medical condition.

If you download the book, be sure to thank Buck and Henry with a donation and let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “Download Henry’s Dog Cancer Diet Tips”

  1. I hope these tips work because my beautiful Paisley has hemangiosarcoma and we are doing everything we can afford to keep her with us.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Paisley and hope the diet works well for her. She’s a lucky dog to have such a conscientious momma looking after her. May she have many more happy times ahead with you.

  3. My little westy just got diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer I’m praying for a miracle I don’t want to put him to sleep

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