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Pet Insurance Guide Podcast Helps You Decide on the Best Policy

Today’s pet parents have over a dozen pet health insurance companies to choose from, like 24 Pet Watch. Thankfully Dr. Doug Kenney is here to help you pick the best one for your pack, with his new free Pet Insurance Guide Podcast.

Dr. Kenney is a Tennessee veterinarian who is dedicated to helping pet parents choose the best policy for their companion animals.  His goal is to share a veterinarian’s perspective on pet insurance by highlighting things he feels are essential in a pet insurance policy, based on common conditions seen at the typical veterinarian’s office.

Dr. Kenney’s free Pet Insurance Guide Podcast will:

  • Tell you how he got interested in pet insurance from a veterinarian’s perspective.
  • Goes over the ways pet insurance companies market their product, which often determines how you are introduced to pet insurance — and how this may influence which company you choose to insure your pet.
  • Provides step by step methods of researching and comparing companies and policies.

Download Dr. Kenney’s Pet Insurance Guide Podcast here.

You’ll also see that Dr. Kenney is the author of the Pet Insurance Toolkit, a free e-book with even more details about choosing the right policy. Stay tuned for a complete review of this book as well as a guest appearance by Dr. Kenney on Tripawd Talk Radio.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, only about 3 percent of pet parents carry health insurance coverage for their animal companions. With more options available than ever before to improve the quality of our animal’s lives, securing a policy now can hopefully spare you the heartbreak of having to make medical decisions based on your bank account.

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