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Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Study Analysis Complete

Two years ago we began  a study to decipher the leading reasons why Tripawds lose a leg and how they cope with post-surgery recovery, fitness and lifestyle issues. And since we’ve always known that cancer comprised one of the biggest reasons why people join this community, we also wanted to learn which Tripawds members were diagnosed with specific cancers, and what their diets were like before the diagnosis.

Since we’re not statisticians, our survey was rather rudimentary. We had a lot of good information but didn’t really know how to compile it into useful data for laypeople and researchers alike. . . . until now.

Thanks to two-year cancer survivor and Tripawd member Chloe (aka Chloe’s Mom), we now have a scientific analysis of our Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Survey! Chloe’s Mom generously volunteered to utilize our data as part of her master’s-level class project.

“It was an ideal source for data analysis because it was an extensive survey and included, but not limited to, categories such as breed, age, gender, reason for amputation, cancer type, diet pre-amp, post-op medication, etc., . . . so there was great potential for asking a variety of questions.”

For her analysis, Chloe’s Mom focused on Tripawds members:

  • age
  • breed
  • gender
  • reason for amputation
  • and cancer type

The following PDF provides detailed results of Chloe’s Mom’s study analysis, which includes user-friendly graphs that illustrate the reasons why Tripawds join, what type of cancer they have (if any) and which breeds are most affected by cancer.

Download “Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Study Results Analysis” here

UPDATE: 4/8/14:
This document is no longer available.

To hear an explanation of Chloe’s Mom’s report, scroll down for three videos of the presentation that she gave to her class this past semester (the volume is low, so turn it up).

We are so grateful to Chloe’s Mom for providing us with this important information. It’s our hope that researchers will utilize it to help Tripawds enjoy better lives. We will also use Chloe’s Mom’s feedback to help us design a new and improved Tripawds amputation and cancer care survey sometime within the next year.

Videos no longer available.

Many many thanks to Chloe’s Mom for taking the time to analyze these Tripawds study results! If you would like to get involved with future editions of this project, please contact us today

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  1. I just scanned it really quickly and will really read it when I can sit down and take time, but it looked cool already. This is great! Thanks!

    Cadence’s Mom


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