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Enter the Dog Cancer Survival Guide Giveaway

We give lots of praise to The Dog Cancer Survival Guide because it’s such a great resource for anyone whose dog has just been diagnosed with canine cancer.

survival-guide_200x400And now you can win a free copy of your own. Read on for details.

Learn How to Cope With Canine Cancer

Many good books have been written about helping your dog fight cancer, but we feel that The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is the definitive resource for coping with this dreaded diagnosis.

It’s the only help guide about canine cancer that’s written for the layperson. Created by a veterinary oncologist and cancer specialist, together they do an excellent job explaining how to:

  • mentally prepare yourself for what’s ahead
  • learn exactly what you need to know about canine cancer to make informed decisions that you can afford
  • select appropriate, beneficial treatments for your Tripawd with qualified veterinary teams
  • how to approach the cancer battle in order to save your sanity

dog cancer kitEven better, the Dog Cancer Survival Guide is available in both print and e-book versions. Both are also included in The Dog Cancer Survival Kit, which includes:

  • The Dog Cancer Survival Guide in print and electronic versions
  • The Dog Cancer Coping Guide Audiobook Download
  • Apocaps Instant Cash Coupon
  • Webinars and Q&A Sessions with the authors, Drs. Dressler and Ettinger

Whether you try the The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by itself or get even  more help with The Dog Cancer Survival Kit, you’ll be informed and better prepared to cope with the road ahead.  We can’t recommend it enough.

Win a Free Copy of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide

We have one free hard copy of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide and we’d like to give it to one lucky Tripawd pawrent. All we ask in return of the winner is that it gets re-posted in the Tripawds Angel Exchange when you don’t need it anymore.

And now, the details you’ve been waiting for:

To enter this contest, go to the comments field below and
tell us about the #1 lesson you’ve learned about coping with dog cancer
(so far).

The deadline is Thursday, January 30 at 11:59pm Pacific time. One lucky winner will be chosen at random on the following day. All entrants must be registered Tripawds Community members in order to qualify.

9 thoughts on “Enter the Dog Cancer Survival Guide Giveaway”

  1. I learned cancer is about quality of life over quantity of life. With all the drugs and chemo the most important is that the dog is happy.

  2. My dog is my inspiration. If we could all be as resilient as our dogs. There seems to be nothing he can’t conquer..even with cancer.

  3. Dogs don’t know they are sick – they live in the moment and life is too short not to mimic the behavior of our four (or three) legged pals! In other words, be more like a dog!

  4. I have learned to enjoy every day with my greyhoundLucy. In the beginning I held my breath waiting for her to die. Slowly I could breath and treasure every day. She will have 28 months survival on 2/3/14. Ps she is doing great.

  5. We learned to live more like a dog! And you know what? I kinda love it! Enjoy every single day and dont worry about tomorrow

  6. To hear your pet has a diagnosis of Cancer is shocking…thank you for all the hours and hours of research you did. You have offered us hope that we didn’t have before. God bless you, hugs!

  7. Hi folks! We have a winner: Nancy Hood! Nancy, we’ll PM you for your contact info.

    Thanks so much everypawdy for entering. Stay tuned for more giveaways.

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