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Avoid Spills, Trim Your Tripawd’s Fur Between Toes

Putting dog boots on your Tripawd is a nice option but it’s not always practical. One of the best ways to help your Tripawd dog or cat avoid falling on slippery floors is to clip the fur between their toes.

Tripawd, dog, slippery, floors, traction, fur, toes
Tripawd Wyatt slips on fancy floors.

Shaving pads and trimming your dog’s feet allows their paw pads to grip floors much better. But figuring it out how to do it is tough. We tried using scissors on Wyatt Ray’s feet once but that was tricky and dangerous. Here’s a better way to trim foot fur:

When it comes to safety, shaving a Tripawd’s feet and paw pads are all it takes for extra peace of mind on slippery floors. Here’s one highly-rated pet groomer to get you started. Give this a try and let us know how it worked.

Wahl 9281-210 Pet-pro Kit 13 Piece Pet Grooming Kit – Deluxe Series, Chrome/gray


  • Includes a super easy, step-by-step “how to” dvd
  • Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer
  • Powerdrive cutting system easily cuts the thickest hair with 30% more power
  • Includes clipper, blade guard, storage case, oil, cleaning brush, scissors, styling comb, mirror, four guide combs, instructional dvd
  • 1 year limited warranty

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2 thoughts on “Avoid Spills, Trim Your Tripawd’s Fur Between Toes”

  1. A word of caution! Make sure you use the correct clippers. I used my husbands ( ssshhh! Don’t tell him) beard clippers to trim my senior Quapaw Chandler. Trimmed a piece of his paw pad raw :(. He was limping and had trouble squatting to poop and I panicked. Then , I noticed a bit of blood on the floor. Inspected his paw and Yep, I had trimmed it raw. Vet said just use Neosporin and he will be fine, but I will know the next time. Poor boy, I was just trying to help him get around better and made things worse.

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