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Download FREE Pet Health Insurance Book, This Week Only

If you’re part of the Tripawds Nation, your dog or cat means the world to you. That’s why we think it’s worth your time to read Pet Health Insurance: a Veterinarian’s Perspective. This short, 80-page book that lays out the facts about pet health insurance and the e-book download is FREE until Wednesday 11/2 on Amazon!

pet health insurance book

Pet Health Insurance Book Makes This Job Easier

Much has changed in the pet health insurance industry since his first book “The Pet Health Insurance Toolkit” was published in 2012. And once again we’ve found Dr. Kenney’s insight and materials to be so helpful for choosing the best plan for Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray.

We totally get that doing research like this is quite a chore. But euthanizing an animal because the cost of treating it exceeds our financial capabilities is even worse. That’s why we all owe it to our animals to sit down for a few hours and figure out how to give them the care they deserve with a great pet health insurance policy.

We especially appreciate how Dr. Kenney’s Pet Health Insurance book has direct links to Dr. Kenney’s podcasts. His chats with veterinary and insurance experts offer so much insight into choosing an appropriate plan. His copy in the pet health insurance book is easy to understand and if you stick with the suggestions your pet’s health care will be much better off than it was before you had a plan.

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Wyatt says “Thanks Dr. Kenney!”

Before Dr. Kenney came along, we had chosen a pet health insurance for Wyatt that didn’t come close to meeting his needs or covering costs. At the time we chose it, all we looked at was the monthly premium cost. We didn’t consider other factors like:

Despite what you may think, the premium isn’t the most important thing to consider when evaluating and comparing pet insurance companies. Your focus should be on what a policy covers.

Thanks to the suggestions in the Pet Health Insurance book we now have a plan that most recently, covered Wyatt for a $5k emergency surgery that probably wouldn’t have happened if he was insured with the previous plan. It hurts to even think that we might have had to make that decision. Essentially, Dr. Kenney insight saved Wyatt’s life and we will be forever grateful.

We can’t say enough great things about this revised and updated guide. We all owe it to our animals to get a copy and take action so we never have to make the heartbreaking choice of economic euthanasia. Whether you get it this week for free or buy it later, get it as soon as you’re able.

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