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Gentle, Safe Tripawd Dog Stretches to Avoid Injuries

Regular and safe Tripawd dog stretches are so important to reduce the chance of injury. Cats, on the other hand, already know that stretching is relaxing and good for them:

Tripawd, cat, kitty, stretching
TriKitteh Steve knows how to stretch.

Whether cat or dog, the benefits of Tripawd dog stretches are tremendous. According to canine rehab therapist experts Both Ends of the Lead, doing safe Tripawd dog stretches can:

  • Help reduce muscular tension and discomfort
  • Enhance movement quality and mobility
  • Improve flexibility levels
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Potentially slow down degenerative changes
  • Give you extra bonding time with your dog.

Since most dogs aren’t as adept at stretching as cats, we must lend a helping hand. The best time to do Tripawd dog stretches is before and after exercise. Now remember, please don’t do this until your vet approves. Tripawd dog stretching can be dangerous if your pup isn’t 100% cleared for it.

First, warm up before any exercise

tripawd dog stretches
Passive range of motion with Tripawd Wyatt.

Sudden hard play for prolonged periods of time can lead to physical damage and acceleration of degenerative diseases like arthritis. Never let your Tripawd hero go crazy on the beach or on a play date until you both do an easy, leashed warm up walk for several minutes.

Next, try a few dog cookie stretch exercises. Always stretch your Tripawd from front to rear. You don’t want them to actually turn. Do one side, hold for fifteen to twenty seconds, then do the other side. Repeat three to five times.

End playtime with gentle Tripawd dog stretches.

Just because playtime is over, the fun doesn’t end. Always end a rowdy playtime with some Tripawd dog stretches. Because we’re not vets, we want to share vet-approved Tripawd stretches videos that show you how to do it safely.

In this video, you’ll watch how Happy the Tripawd gets safely stretched with passive range of motion exercises for dogs. See how the experts at California Animal Rehabilitation Therapy do it:

Here’s another quadpawd dog stretching video from Vitality Chiropractic Center in Aurora, Illinois.

Try these exercises little by little and watch for any signs that your dog isn’t enjoying the activity. Walking away, pulling a paw back or trying to nudge your hand away are all signs to stop the movements and try again tomorrow. If your Tripawd’s signals continue, give your vet a call to make sure nothing’s wrong.

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  1. Thank you!
    Murphy’s favorite stretch is on his side, I start rubbing his back, then he stretches backwards even more – he curls back like a “C.” He always moans & groans when he does it 🙂

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