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Tripawds Podcast Episode #93: Pet Health Insurance! Nobody wants it, yet every pet parent needs it. But which company is best? Finding the cheapest plan is NOT the answer. Find out why, and learn all about pre-existing conditions for amputee dogs and cats. Also learn the importance of requesting a Medical History Review when selecting pet insurance on this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio. Recorded February 27, 2020.

Pet Insurance Tips for Tripawds

Doug Kenney DVM, Your Pet Insurance Guide
Dr. Kenney is a retired general practice veterinarian and a leading veterinary expert on pet health insurance. To help pet parents make good choices about pet insurance, Dr. Kenney wrote the book Your Guide To Understanding Pet Health Insurance, which helps pet owners understand how pet insurance works and guides them through research to make an informed pet insurance company decision. He blogs and podcasts about pet insurance on his website, Your Pet Insurance Guide:

Janna Mahan, Director of Claims, Embrace Pet Insurance
After 15 years working as a Registered Veterinary Technician, Jenna joined Embrace as a Claims Adjuster in 2011. Jenna was promoted to lead, then manager, and was made Director of claims and Chief Underwriter in 2017, overseeing nearly 50 members of the claims team. Jenna is responsible for implementing time saving system changes and advancements that get Embrace policyholder’s claims’ processed quickly and efficiently. Learn more at

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