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Catch the Pet Health Insurance Guide Podcast

If you missed our helpful Tripawd Talk Radio show about pet health insurance with veterinarian Dr. Doug Kenney, now’s your chance to listen here or download the podcast. The April 24th episode of Tripawd Talk Radio shares all you need to know about choosing a pet health insurance policy.

Tripawd Talk Podcast

In this episode we ask pet health insurance expert Dr. Kenney questions like:

  • Why he’s so passionate about pet health insurance.
  • The three most important things people will learn from his revised Pet Health Insurance Guide Toolkit.
  • Considerations pet parents must make when choosing a plan for their pet, especially when it comes to conditions like cancer.
  • Insuring older pets and those with health conditions.
  • How to know you made the right choice of plan and company
  • and more!

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Save on Vet Bills with PetPremium Insurance

Read About The Pet Health Insurance Guide Toolkit

The Pet Health Insurance Guide Helps You Decide

pet health insurance guide

4 thoughts on “Catch the Pet Health Insurance Guide Podcast”

  1. I hate to throw names out there but I hated VPI, it has so many caps on each incident, though they pay quickly, there are so many exclusions for example, they decide how much a UTI or amputation should cost regardless of location in the country, so if they think it should cost $900, they will pay 90% of that amount, except an amputation from a specialist trained in intricate front leg amputation to avoid potential nerve damage and major arteries, cost 3K+… so do the math…or they may say… well pay up to 300/yr for a UTI, but my total overall benefits are actually 15K, but I cant use anymore of the 15k towards a UTI because I maxed out on the $300 specifically for a UTI…
    Theres way better companies out there with better coverage, SA 90% based on the actual charged amount from the vet…
    Just my 2 sense of first hand experience based on the very high cost I paid out that werent covered.

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