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How to Exercise Your Tripawd For Fitness and Strength, Part 4

In this last of our four part series about Tripawd rehabilitation, fitness and conditioning tips, you’ll see how Dr.Kennedy works with Tripawd Domino to keep him strong, lean and fit.


See how you can keep your Tripawd dog fit with these exercises that incorporate the pawsome FitPAWS Canine Conditioning equipment available in our Tripawds Gear Shop:

How to Use a FitPAWS Balance Pad and Balance Disc for beginner-level weight-bearing exercises that strengthen a dog’s core muscles, shoulders, back and hips.


How to Use a FitPAWS Peanut to help three legged dogs develop core strength and balance with advanced rehab exercises like “Puppy Push-Ups.”


How to Use a FitPAWS Wobble/Rocker Board as a fun way to help tripawds develop core strength, balance and proprioception (body/space awareness). Dr. Kennedy, DVM, CCRP explains the benefits and how it is best to make a board that fits your dog’s body.


 Many sincere thanks to Domino, Cassie and Dr. Dicki L. Kennedy of ARCC: Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center in Greenville, South Carolina for taking time to share this important information about Tripawd fitness and health. For more great tips by Dr. Kennedy, see:

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