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Easy DIY Tripawd Rehab Therapy

When it comes to keeping your Tripawd strong and injury free, Tripawds members have such great insight to share. Take for instance Ingrid, dog mom to greyhounds galore, including one of the sweetest pups to ever join us here, Angel Nixon.

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Hoppy Angel Nixon.

Ingrid knows a lot about dogs and keeping them fit. In this forum topic she shares pawesome Tripawd exercise tips about how to stay strong on three legs:

How to Keep Your Tripawd Strong

Rehab vets will agree that Ingrid’s Tripawd exercise tips are spot on. She writes:

Weight Shifting

“The number one thing you want to condition is the abdominal muscles. Weight shifting exercise is great.

  1. Stand behind her and place your hands on either hip.
  2. Gently sway her hips to one side and then the other. Just enough until you feel her have to compensate for the shift. it is a small movement.
  3. Do 5 times on each side and do this every time you come back in from going outside
  4. Next, add front to back. Stand facing her side that is missing the limb.
  5. Place one hand on her chest and one hand between her tush and her hocks.
  6. Rock front to back. Again very gently and repeat 5 times front and back.
  • Very quickly, you’ll work up to 10 times in each direction. These take no time and you’ll find most dogs enjoy it once they learn what is expected of them.

And then there are cookie crunches.

  1. Take a high value treat and while she standing, without moving her feet, have her turn her head towards her tail on both sides.
  2. Reward the slightest try. many dogs don’t like doing this at first but it helps a lot.
  3. Once they realize they can do it, they start doing it on their own.
  • Also practice this while laying down on a firm surface.
  • Do 3 to 5 in a row on each side. Again, work up to 10. That may take some time.

Finally, walk figure 8’s.

With a dog as large as yours, I’d say make each circle about 10 feet in diameter and then work your way down to 4 or 5 feet. Don’t overdue it but just 1 minutes of this once or twice a day will really help with balance and strength.


A week or two of this and you’ll see some good changes and can start moving on to more advanced work with unstable surfaces.”

Do you have Tripawd dog or cat fitness tips that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!

7 thoughts on “Easy DIY Tripawd Rehab Therapy”

  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful exercises. These would also be good for quadpaws to make them use those core muscles

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Will these exercises also work on a cat? My grissom had surgery on may 3, and is doing great so far. He sometimes gets tired very easily. Hes an 18 pound kitty, and probably really needs to strengthen himself to support his weight more easily

  3. Okay, I laughed at the cookie crunches. Sadie has a tendency to try to sleep with her head turned back towards her rump, resting on her ribs. Never looked very comfy to me, but I guess she’s getting something out of it.

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