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Metronomic Protocol: A Primer for Pawrents

During our recent visit to the Santa Fe Veterinary Cancer Care center, we spoke with founder Dr. Jeannette Kelly about her methods for utilizing the metronomic protocol (Anti-Angiogenis Therapy) when treating cancer patients.

At the VCC, Dr. Kelly puts almost all of the clinic’s cancer dogs on metronomics, with some dogs even going on it concurrently with IV chemotherapy.

The metronomic protocol method that Dr. Kelly utilizes is slightly different than what most oncologists are doing.

And today, it’s also slightly different from what I got when I went Dr. Kelly’s team put me on it back in 2007.

Metronomics Information Downloads:

Dr. Kelly’s Metronomic Protocol
Today, Dr. Kelly prefers to use alkeran, instead of cytoxan, for the chemotherapy agent. The success that alkeran has demonstrated in human cancer patients has prompted her to make the switch. She also utilizes a NSAID like Metacam, Rimadyl or Peroxicam.

Dr. Kelly has added a high quality fish oil to the protocol, because of the tumor-inhibiting properties that fish oil has demonstrated in many studies.

To date, the clinic has two cancer survivor dogs who have been in remission for over two years, after having been treated with this form of metronomics (one dog has lung mets).

This is yet another example of the forward-thinking, promising treatment options that Dr. Kelly and the team at the VCC are pursuing with canine cancer patients.

Learn more about metronomic chemotherapy basics at the Santa Fe Veterinary Cancer site, and review Dr. Kelly’s metronomic therapy protocol methods by downloading this short synopsis here, courtesy of the good people at Santa Fe Veterinary Cancer Care.

PS: Don’t miss Jerry’s video interview with Dr. Mona Rosenberg discussing Metronomics and immunity supplements for canine cancer treatment.

9 thoughts on “Metronomic Protocol: A Primer for Pawrents”

  1. Thanks, Admin! This is very timely, as Holly is starting metronomics on Monday. I asked about fish oil and our vet said to hold off. Sounds like I should ask again…

  2. Yes Admin thanks for posting this! Very interesting….I plan to talk to my oncologist about this as Mackenzie’s on cytoxin. I give Mackenzie fish oil every day so I’m glad to read that it’s part of this protocol.
    Hey Susan, just curious about why your doctor wants you to hold off on the fish oil? My oncologist has mentioned that anti-oxidants should be avoided when on chemo but she didn’t have an issue with fish oil. So that’s interesting.
    Thanks again Admin!

  3. Hi Jerry,
    It is Eileen with my Newfie FayeRaye. Well it is now almost 4 months post amp. She had 4 rounds Carbo and would love to know if theMT protocol with Citoxan and Piroxicam Doxi is found to be more beneficial WITh adding Doxi. I was reading Dr. Kellys MT info, but not sure if the Doxi is added with the 2 others(Citoxan and Piroxicam) OR in place of. AND too, I know Citoxan and Piroxicam is generally given every other day. Is She doing this as well? And if so, if the Doxi is added to this combo, I assume the Doxi is EVERYDAY? And also, I know it is recommended to take something as Pepsid to reduce the possability of ulsers with this combo, yet do not see this mentioned. And las would Adding arte in the late evenings hurt with the mt Protocol? For I believe it is also acidic.

  4. Thank you for this! I am going in to see Dr. Kelly today, and I think I am going to do this treatment for Rajah. I am doing a cram study session right now, so this is very helpful!

  5. Which is the fish oil that Dr. Kelly is recommending? I’ve been using the K9 Omega Fish oil which I buy from Amazon. If there is something better please let me know.Thanks


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