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Financial Help Resources for Pawrents

In the U.S., less than five percent of pawrents have pet insurance.

Veterinary Financial Aid DocWe all know how devastating unexpected veterinary bills can be on our budgets, and it’s even worse when we don’t have the insurance or funds to cover even the most basic care.

Sadly, many dogs end up euthanized because of this.

If you are caught in the heartbreaking situation of not being able to pay for your Tripawd’s care, please don’t give up. There are organizations who might be able to help.

The following spreadsheet is a list that was complied by Tripawds member Brownie1201, with the hopes that others may be helped with this information.

Download: Financial Resources for Pawrents

Three paws up to Nancy and Brownie!

If you know of any that aren’t mentioned here, please let us know and we’ll make sure the list gets updated.

Tripawds ASAP – Amputation Surgery Assistance Program

Additional Veterinary Services Financial Aid

UPDATE: In addition to the financial assistance resources listed in the document above, members have shared the links below in the Tripawds Discussion Forums.

Veterinary Bill Assistance Programs:


8 thoughts on “Financial Help Resources for Pawrents”

  1. Thanks for posting, Rene! I’m really passionate about getting the word out about these resources … it’s just heartbreaking to know that many owners can’t pursue the treatment their furbabies because of finances. As if these situations aren’t stressful enough, right?

  2. I am searching for some info for my sister, she herself was diagnosed with a chronic illness this year, and her new border collie pup has been hit by a car needed two surgeries to the hind left leg and it seems now after waiting a month the vets say she will have to lose her front left paw due to nerve damage that is not returning my questions are many but would love to know of resources !st for any kind of financial assistance or help in any way and then info on how she should proceed to help her pup, she lives in the bangor maine area and i live in colorado but try and visit her often as i said she has a serious illness and is now on disability and cant work ,thanks for listening and any info you may have ! mary sullivan

    • Hi Mary, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister and her pup. The resources you see here are the most current ones we know about, I hope she can find some help. If she would like to talk with others who have been through the amputation experience please have her join us in the Discussion Forums (of course you are welcome to as well). Good luck and keep us posted!


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